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The Building

All Saints Church is a building (dating from the twelfth century) run by the Church of England.

All Saints has a tower containing Six Bells.

According to a notice in the north aisle: “The following quaint mediaeval epigram in hexameter and pentameter verse was cut in the sill of the northern window of the church. ‘MORS MORTIS MORTI MORTEM nisi MORTE dedisset Non cecidissent MORS pallida regna tua’. Translations supplied by two different interpreters
1. Unless the Death of Death (Christ) had by his death given death: to death, thy pale kingdom, O death, would not have been overcome.
2. Unless by death the Death of death hath dealt death’s deadly blow : thou still hast held, O vanquished death, thy livid realms below.”

Read the Historical Notes – given out on Heritage day – 16th Sept 2000. The reverse of the sheet was a Plan (57K GIF file) showing the features and ages of its parts.

A more recent pair of illustrated A4 pages about the history of the building is available as a PDF file download.

All the downloads may be found on the WIX version of this site.