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Donald and Victoria were married at All Saints, Caddington on 23rd April 2011.


“All Saints has been an important part of my life since my family moved to the village when I was two years old. I have fond memories of the church, its congregation, Sunday school and the many events which take place each year – the church barbeque in 1996 being the most memorable as I broke my wrist!

These connections, plus the lovely setting and the historic church, made the choice to be married at All Saints an obvious one for Donald and I.

The priest at All Saints put us totally at ease in the run up to our big day. She hosted an afternoon which brought together the couples planning to be married in All Saints during the year. The meeting answered the various questions we had about paperwork, music, flowers, bell ringers and so on. It was also fun to meet the other couples and to learn a little about them. A few days before our wedding, we ran through the arrangements with her once again and practiced saying our vows.

On our wedding day, with the sun was shining brightly, the church and its grounds looked fantastic, we were word perfect and the service ran seamlessly! Our wedding at All Saints will always remain a wonderful memory for us and our families to cherish.”